We strive to grow the finest potatoes in Ireland using responsible and sustainable farming methods. We aim to fulfil our customer's needs, whilst doing what we love and know best.



Planting Seed Potatoes


Here at Rockvale Farm, we understand the importance of product traceability. Our product is traceable from the seed potato that falls into the ground in the spring time, through all the different steps until it reaches the customer's fork. Hence, the saying "From farm to fork". At Rockvale Farm all our product is labelled for traceability prior to leaving the farm. We are fully Bord Bia certified which also promotes traceability and means all our product is quality assured.

Our Mission

Here are some favourite recipes for you to try, and enjoy


Company Strengths

Let us find and grow the perfect potato for your

business, after all, we are 'Growing For You'

  • Full traceability from farm to fork.

  • Dedicated experienced Team

  • Bord Bia accredited

  • Honest and reliable reputation.

  • Family run business

  • Young, enthusiastic managment

The Life Of A Potato

Checking the crop