To grow an agri-business that will co-operate with relevant stakeholders, producing the finest potatoes in Ireland for commercial off-take. Our vision is global, integrated with the best of Irish farming techniques and knowledge.  

Rockvale Farm is situated in the heart of some of Ireland's prime potato growing land, the Blackwater valley in north county Cork. The rich, sandy loam soil is ideal for potatoes so it is little wonder that the standard of our produce is so high. We strive to satisfy our customers with dedicated service and a high-class product.
Our Passion
Our Vision

At Rockvale Farm we are passionate about growing potatoes. We are always keen to find new markets and are willing to grow and adapt to suit them. Our pride lies in pleasing our customers, so we strive to produce according to customer's requirements. Our best-in-class management and understanding nature ensures our customers are provided with their desired product(s).

In 1974, after farming for over six generations, growing potatoes was a completely new venture. Today, three generations later we continue to grow the finest of Irish potatoes. Over the years we have learnt from experience and now have an extensive knowledge of our field as well as the ambition and enthusiasm of the next generation. 

Our Experience

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