Kerr's Pink

Markies are a late maturity variety with smooth yellow skin and light yellow flesh colour. They are big tubers with a long oval shape and shallow eyes. They are uniform in size and shape. Due to excellent dry matter content, they fry well leaving a great fry colour and absorb less oil when fried for chips or crisps. Markies are primarily grown for the chipping, crisping and peeling market.

Availability: October-July 

Ramos is an early to medium maturity variety with a light yellow skin and a creamy flesh. It has a uniform oval shape with shallow eyes and smooth skin making it a favourite for peeling or chipping. The variety is also suitable for baking, boiling, roasting or steaming.


Availability: August- December

Potato Varieties​

The Rooster is Ireland's most popular variety, mainly because of its attractive bright red skin and floury yellow flesh. It has a uniform roundish shape with shallow eyes making it easy to peel. It is a general-purpose potato and can be boiled, mashed, chipped, roasted, steamed or baked, and will always taste delicious.


Availability: Year Round

Rockvale Farm has grown many different varieties throughout the years to keep up with an ever changing market. This has ensured that all our customers receive exactly what they require, and are completely satisfied at all times. We have an excellent track record in growing trials for customers and investigating new varieties. Over the years our company has grown in excess of 18 different varieties and continues to trial new potato varieties every year. Shown below are some of our current varieties.

An old Irish favourite, Kerr's Pinks have white skin with pink shading and deep set eyes. They have a distinctive dry floury flavour. Kerr's Pinks are suitable for a wide range of uses including boiling, baking and chipping but are at their best simply steamed in their beautiful white and pink skins.


Availability: September-May